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Tour Location: Rhodes


  • Rhodes  is  the most attractive tourist location in the south east Agean sea in Greece.
    This  beautiful green island   manages to combine both old and new architecture with charm.
    A visit to the famous Old Town bazaar is for shop-aholics. Submerge yourself in the oriental atmosphere,reveal in the culture, experience the Greek cuisine and enjoy the sweet delights of Greece, just a short cruise away !!!
  • Important Information


    Departure times are from Rhodes tourist port and from Marmaris cruise port are nominated at local times

  • Please NOTE  port taxes are not included and in the case of an open-return ticket the taxes are double.
  • Excursion from Marmaris to Rhodes
    Please NOTE that TAX prices are :
    15 EUROS for Adults and Children and 5 EUROS for infants.

    Paid on departure at the port
  • Please be at the port 1 hour prior to the departure of the vessel for the check-in procedures.
  • Departure are from MARMARIS CRUISE PORT
  • Please notice the transfer service only applies to the daily trips and also keep in mind that the transfer service is not avaliable at Sundays.
  • Reservation for the return ticket ONE DAY BEFORE

    Terms & Conditions

  • Passengers between of the age (6-12) years old are considered as child. CHILD born 2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011 INFANT born 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018

    Passengers between of the age (0-5) years old are considered as infant.

    For someone who traveling alone, must be at the age 18+ years old otherwise must be accompanied by an adult.


    Passengers over 18 years OLD with Greek citizenship must have identity with Latin characters or passport.

    Passengers under 18 years old who have not identity card yet they must have passport.

    Greek government does not require visa from the holders of Green and service passports for the Turkish Nationals.

    Ordinary passport holders must have a valid Schengen visa prior to embarkation to the ferry.

    Passengers of other nationalities must have a passport and depending of what nationality is, then considered the necessity or not of having visas.

    If a minor child is traveling with one parent then need affirmation of the second parent by police explicitly states that consent to the journey of the minor.

    Please contact us for more info.