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Tour Location: Rhodes


Attractions of Rhodes


The city of Rhodes has many worth visiting attractions. The iconic medieval city that dominates the harbor of Rhodes is a destination on its own; the Grand Magister’s Palace and the Archaeological museum are the most popular sites, followed by the Marine Aquarium and the ancient Rhodian Acropolis. Out of the city, the Valley of the Butterflies and the Seven Springs are popular attractions of natural beauty, whereas Lindos is a gorgeous traditional village that resembles the Cycladic isles style. And of course, the beaches of Rhodes, the perfect union of the sea and the land are guaranteed to capture your heart!


Things to do in Rhodes


When in Rhodes, you are faced with a wide selection of things to do. From relaxed strolls in the cobblestone alleys of the Old Town to swimming and diving at the Elli beach, to shopping or exploring the island’s gastronomic scene. Countless shops carrying international brands, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs to suit every taste, all surrounded by the atmospheric ambiance that you’ll find nowhere else but Rhodes!

Important Information

Important Information

Please note that PASSPORT and VISA are required.    

Please NOTE that TAX prices are: 15 EUROS for Adults and Children and 5 EUROS for infants. Paid on DEPARTURE at the port.

Please note that TAX in the case of OpenReturn are payed twice and is not included in the price

Please be to the harbor 1 hour before the departure.

Boat Type : Catamaran

Trip Duration : 1hr

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please note that TAX in the case of OpenReturn are payed twice and is not included in the price

Please note: Children are considered from the age 6-12 (born year 2006-2011) and infants from 0-5 (born year 2012-2018). For someone traveling alone they must be 18+ years old, otherwise they must be accompanied by an adult.



Passengers over 18 years with Greek citizenship must have identity with Latin characters or passport.

Passengers under 18 not in possession of identity necessarily have to have a passport and accompanied.

Passengers with Turkish nationality need a passport and visa.

Passengers of other nationalities must have a passport and depending of what nationality is, then considered the necessity or not of having visas.

If a minor child is traveling with one parent then need affirmation of the second parent by police explicitly states that consent to the journey of the minor.


Please notice the transfer service only applies to the daily trips and also keep in mind that the transfer service is not avaliable at Sundays.>

Attention very important notice.

Please if you travel from 1/10/2017 - 31/01/2018 check the Timetable and the type of ship ( catamaran or ferry boat -- catamaran the trip lasts 1 hour , F/B the trip lasts 2:30 hours -- ticket for F/B is about the half price of catamaran--)
Choosing the right day and the right ship is your own responsibility.