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Panormitis - Rhodes (Close Return , Afternoon Departure)



Tour Location: Rhodes


The island of Rhodes, a true jewel of the Aegean is an island that perfectly balances the medieval grandeur of a distant past with modern life. Rhodes attracts visitors from all over the world, who come to admire a beautifully preserved medieval seaside town, many beaches and archaeological treasures of immense importance, and to experience its lively nightlife. Rhodes has almost everything, and no one visited this island without falling in love with it.

The city of Rhodes has many attractions that are worth visiting. The iconic medieval city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dominates the harbor of Rhodes, is a destination in itself. The Palace of the Grand Master and the Archaeological Museum are the most popular sites, followed by the ancient Rhodian Acropolis and the Sea Aquarium in the new city. Outside the city, the Valley of the Butterflies and the Seven Springs are famous natural beauty spots, while Lindos, known for its Acropolis, is a beautiful traditional village resembling the island style of the Cyclades. And of course, the beaches of Rhodes, the perfect union of sea and land are guaranteed to capture your heart!

When you are in Rhodes, you are faced with a wide variety of things to do. From a stroll along the famous street of the knights to leisurely strolls along the cobbled streets of the Old Town and the beach of the New Town with its Italian period buildings in Mandraki harbor

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