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Tour Location: Rhodes


FullDescription Join us for the best diving experience in the crystal-clear waters of Rhodes. From a beginner’s program designed for those wishing to experience the thrill of scuba diving for the first time, up to Divemaster courses are available to you at different amazing locations in Rhodes. For those wishing not to participate in scuba diving, we offer our snorkeling program, allowing you to explore the fascinating alcoves, caves and wonders of Kalithea. Our qualified program caters for all levels of certification from novice scuba diver to experienced instructor. Dives include: Reef dives, Boat dives, Cave / cavern dives, Wall dives, Wreck dives, Night dives / Deep dives. Catering for a max. of 25guests per trip, we promise you that you will not only experience the wonders of this new and exciting world but also that you will have lots of fun.

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Port Name: Mandraki Harbor // Ship Name: Armonia

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen,swimming gear,a hat,and diving license for certified divers.


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